Born of inspiration, transforming interiors / by Adrian Levin

necessity if the father of invention

During my two decades as a New York City-based designer, I’ve put a lot of thought into defining and creating spaces that have personal character.  I believe that good design does much more than personalize a space. It's meant to connect people and enhance lifestyles. Often the best examples do so in a tangible yet virtually invisible way.

When we decided to carve a workspace out of our NYC apartment, I searched for a creative way to design a flexible, light-filled space that would put every square foot to work in an artful way, and also looked for options that utilized eco-friendly materials. 

Since nothing commercially available met our criteria, we set out to design our own solution ;  using translucent sheet material and eliminating traditional framing, we suspended panels from a custom–designed beam track mounted only to lateral walls, gaining maximum light passage and spatial continuity as well as a good level of privacy. The panels were mounted at just the right height to avoid contact with the floor and need for a bottom track. By keeping each panel moving on it's own track, versatile configurations were possible including a totally open and closed stage.  The best part was it all was done without disrupting any decor and keeping the floor completely intact, ending with a stunning "floating mural" hovering just above the floor.  

Our original design sets the foundation for LUMMA, a patented space divider system that is the winner of popular choice in Architizer's A+Award for best product + materials . The system incorporates eco-friendly materials in multiple colors, patterns and designs as well as custom artwork.