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An award-winning interior space system of       floating murals, expansive light, and artful functionality 


LUMMA is an award-winning space solution of floating murals that help subdivide interior space, enhance luminosity and add a layer of artful functionality.  The system features a patented design with track-beam support that easily mounts to lateral walls with minimal alteration, along with frameless translucent panels that float just above the floor – leaving the surface completely intact.  The panels are made of translucent ecoresin material;  they are lighter than glass; they won’t break, scratch or scuff and are available in a broad palette of patterns and colors as well as custom artwork carefully selected for each environment.  LUMMA transforms space by bringing together art, light, and interiors in unique and memorable ways. 

" LUMMA translates the branded environment concept to a personal space –  where magical floating murals merge with interiors to create a stage for individual lifestyles "  
Adrian Levin, Founder & CEO – LUMMA
LUMMA floating murals with custom artwork. Featured image: Alf Ertsland

LUMMA floating murals with custom artwork. Featured image: Alf Ertsland

LUMMA receives Architizer's A+Award for best product and materials, representing the best of design worldwide.








  • Translucent sliding panels maintain luminosity

  • Upper track version mounts easily to walls, maintaining floor completely intact

  • Free-standing version rests on floor independently


LUMMA's unique design features a track-beam that mounts to lateral walls and easily installs as a fixture with minimal alterations. Our sliding panels are suspended from the track beam and hover just above the floor without the need for a bottom track, keeping the floor surface completely intact. The translucent panels are frameless, allowing maximum light passage and display as a floating mural that can open and close at a moment's notice.        The free-standing version rests independently on floor surface.

Recognition:  LUMMA wins Architizer's A+Awards for best product and materials in public vote, an unparalleled distinction representing the best of design worldwide. 

Patent:  LUMMA's patented space divider system has unique design features that allow easy installation and minimal alterations | Space Divider System, US Patent 8,579,006.

Track Beam

Our track-beam design features high-qualiy components, custom fit to each interior with end brackets typically attaching to lateral walls. Individual sliding rails allow panels to have single or layered overlapping configurations.


Our panels feature light-weight eco-friendly translucent sheets in various gauges, with excellent light diffusion capabilities that extend spatial functionality and add a layer of privacy.

The panels won't break, scratch, or scuff. Each panel is designed to slide along it's own track, enabling single or multiple panels to overlap creating a continuous "mural" effect. Our designs range from passive to powerful, classic to modern, including custom artwork created in collaboration with select artists.

Material Palette and Custom Artwork

LUMMA murals use sustainable materials with recycled content such as 3form Varia Ecoresin® available in a variety of stunning colors and patterns or custom imagery.  These material solutions qualify for LEED credits and are certified with USBGC. 

Some of the handcrafted designs derive from a Full Circle™ initiative, an award-winning program in association with artisan communities around the world who benefit from a portion of proceeds.

In collaboration with select artists, we produce custom installations that are specific to each environment. They are created in limited editions, as digital originals with hi-res imagery embedded in the resin panel interlayer.

Ecoresin®, Varia Ecoresin®, Full Circle® are trademarks of 3form.

In collaboration with artists and designers, we produce totally off-the-wall murals that enhance the functionality and character of environments.

LUMMA | Adrian Levin, Founder

With a background in Architecture from his native Buenos Aires and Communication Design in New York, Adrian has over 25 years experience creating branded experiences for architectural environments. His career started at I.M.Pei and Partners - an architectural firm widely know for work such as as National Gallery and the Musée du Louvre Pyramid. He went on to direct projects at renowned multidisciplinary design firms and his own consultancy, honing skills that combine art, graphics, industrial design, and architecture.  At LUMMA, Adrian leads the vision of combining high end product, art, and interiors – bringing the experience of branded environments to a personal space.

Artists, press & inquiries: contact Adrian Levin, alevin@lummaspace.com or contact@lummaspace.com